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Our passion is for our music to be the catalyst to tell a story. We love talking with other people and hearing their "stories." Here are some special people who have overcome some hardships in their lives. Our heart and their hearts are to encourage you that your story matters and is worth sharing. 


Here are some of our #storyTEllers!


‪#‎StoryTeller‬ Thomas Cotton says: "I don't have to dwell on past mistakes, events or circumstances but have hope for the future." ‪#‎TellYourStory‬


#StoryTeller Kayla Renee Wilson says: "Fear can be a crippling thing sometimes in every aspect of the word, I have to always remind myself that in here, out there whenever I fall short His spirit fills in the blanks. So you and I are completely covered because God is able." #TellYourStory #DeliveranceISHere

#StoryTeller Bo Well says... "When I stopped listening to the lies of the enemy, anger stopped controlling me." #DeliveranceIsHere #TellYourStory

#StoryTeller  Ashley Wilson says: "In spite of my shortcomings and failures, God sees me as whole, beautiful and enough."   #DeilveranceISHere #TellYourStory

#StoryTeller Michael Marshalays..."I never felt like I was worth real Love, so I grew addicted to the false imitation. God then came and broke down my walls with a Love and a Victory I never knew possible, giving me a new heart!" #deliveranceishere

#storyteller  Chelsea Nicole Hadawa says..."Even through dark times in my life the Lord simply whispers, "Smile, it's okay." Sometimes your joy is the reason behind your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy. " #deliveranceishere

#Storyteller  Brian Henley says..."I used to think I was too good for Gods mercy, but then he rocked my world. He showed me that I need to depend on him for everything with everything, but that's okay because when my life is dependent on God, all my worries are gone. His love will never fail me." #deliveranceishere


"Deliverance Is Here" Campaign- #TellYourStory



"With my type A personality I tend to stress and worry about things but by the grace of God I've been delivered from my anxiety as I remember to thank Him in all things." -Jason Chandler

#DeliveranceIsHere #TellYourStory

The Ruins_DeliveranceIsHere_JasonChandler

"Anxiety no longer has a stronghold on my life. God's sovereignty reigns over anxiety." - Shannon Ison 

#DeliveranceIsHere #TellYourStory 

The Ruins_DeliveranceIsHere_ShannonIson
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"I struggled with anxiety for 7 years in constant worry and stress over my health, my relationships, and my purpose then I finally allowed Jesus to have it all and was released into freedom." -Jillian Perkins

The Ruins_DeliveranceIsHere_JillianPerkins

My way + God's way was never aligned. Learned to be still + know that He is God." -Mavian Arocha-Rowe #DeliveranceIsHere #TellYourStory

I don't think I'll ever stop missing my mother but I know one day I'll be free from grieving her loss." -Victor Gonzalez
#DeliveranceIsHere #TellYourStory
The Ruins_ Deliverance Is Here_ Victor Gonzalez


 "The only way I know how to be delivered from my fears, is by facing them."
-Debra Black
 #DeliveranceIsHere #StarttheConversation#TellYourStory
The Ruins_ Deliverance Is Here_ DebraBlack
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